QuickVent | Wall Safe

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The QuickVent with RFID locking system is one of the safest ways to hide and secure weapons, money, jewelry, etc. Disguised to look like a regular fresh air return vent and engineered to fit between 2 X 16" center studs (standard spacing in most homes and offices), the QuickVent blends in on any wall. Simply touch the RFID key to the sensor, and you have immediate access to its contents.

There are no numbers to memorize (which are easily forgotten in a panic situation) or buttons to push. With the RFID locking system your gun and other valuables are secure, yet can be accessed in seconds. Perfect for keeping items readily available for home security while safely secured from view. Made in the USA. 

  • Quick Installation. Required hardware is included with the safe. Installation Video.
  • Each QuickSafe RFID lock can support up to 12 unique RFID keys. The safe comes with 4 keys pre-programmed (2 cards, 1 key fob and one token). If you purchase additional keys with your safe, we will program them to your safe before shipping. If you purchase them after, you will need to program the new keys yourself. Purchase additional RFID keys here.
  • If you lose the key(s) programmed to your safe, the safe memory can be erased and re-programmed to only accept the cards that you currently have. YOU MUST HAVE ONE OF YOUR ORIGINAL CARDS BEFORE ERASING THE MEMORY for this process to work. Refer to the instruction manual for more information.
  • Included in purcase: QuickVent Safe, 4 RFID keys pre-programmed to open your safe, backup battery pack, two installation screws, four AA batteries (pre-installed), instruction manual.