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What batteries do I need?

All of our safes come with 4 X AA batteries pre-installed. The batteries need to be changed once a year or after 3,000 openings. The DIY QuickLock uses a 123 battery.

What happens if the batteries die?

Each of our safes are designed to use a backup battery pack-just in case you forget to change the internal batteries. You can watch this video to learn more about using the backup battery pack. The DIY QuickLock does not have this feature and MUST be changed every 6 months.

Are your products fireproof?

No, none of our products are fireproof.

What accessories come with my purchase?

All of our products, including the QuickVent, QuickVent PLUS, QuickShelf, QuickShot, and DIY QuickLock come an accessories pack. This pack includes batteries, 4 RFID Keys (2 Cards, 1 Key FOB, 1 Token), hardware for installation, and an instruction manual. All safes will also come with a backup battery pack.

What if my QuickShelf doesn't 'pop' open?

Depending on how you mount it, the mounting surface, and the weight inside the compartment, the shelf may not "pop" open. You'll need to release the tension from the lock by simply pushing up on the bottom (after you touch your RFID key). You should not have to apply much pressure in order for the safe to open up. You can click the video at the top of the HOME page and see how to do it at around 11 seconds.